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Lakeville is a fictional small town, founded in the 1500s by Marjorie Sousah, of Albanian and British descent. Lakeville has a mixed population that has historically come from England, Albania, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Germany, Turkey and America. Each culture's influence is felt strongly. Babliku's explanation for the use of these countries is: "Albania is my home, it is where I was born, where I grew up, it's where I live. England is my dream home. I want to be there someday. That is one country I call home and one I want to call home. Italy and Greece are two countries that have had a huge role in ancient history and the development of our world and society. Spain, Germany and France were and are three of the greatest powers in Europe. Then there is Turkey and America. I consider Turkey to be the perfect symbolism of the town's oriental tendency and America to be the perfect symbolism of the town's occidental tendency. So there was this cool 'number-magic' of 1,1,2,3,1,1 and all together they are nine, which I consider a magic number." As of the location, Antonio Babliku has shared that originally Lakeville was supposed to be between the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, and between Albania and Italy. However, a decision was made not to mention its geographical location, as it was important to think of the town as "every group of people who accepts differences and isn't afraid of embracing some magic."

"The Lakeville Saga" is a group of series set in Lakeville. The biggest and most important one is "Universal Magic", but Antonio Babliku has also shared information that he is working on other series that will make Lakeville complete and "hopefully connect all the dots and understand why Lakeville is actually a saga."

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