"Precious Cursed" is a series set in 1800s Lakeville and is a prequel to "Universal Magic" and, as teased, other stories. The series was conceived as a trilogy, and then only limited to one standalone novel. However, after some time, Antonio Babliku decided that he had other ideas in this story that he wanted to write, so he made the decision to expand "Precious Cursed" in a series.

The series follows Marie-Louise Claire coming to Lakeville to find her missing brother and suddenly she finds herself in an infinity of troubles and mysteries.

The series follows the structure of "Universal Magic", and each book will be divided into five parts. Part One will be published online on Antonio Babliku's website on September 15th, 2017.

Precious Cursed (Book One) Edit

Part One Edit

Marie-Louise Claire arrives in Lakeville in 1870. She wants to see if her brother is alright, after being worried by some letters that he has sent her. Marie-Louise finds out that her brother is missing, and from that, she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of mysteries and nothing is what it seems.

Part Two Edit

Teaser coming soon!

Part Three Edit

It is the climactic part of the first book. Further teasers coming soon!

Part Four Edit

Teaser coming soon!

Part Five Edit

The final part of the first book of "Precious Cursed". Teaser coming soon!

Precious Cursed - TBA (Book Two) Edit

The second book will have a subtitle, and will deal with the aftermath of the events of the first book.

Part Six Edit

Teaser coming soon!

Part Seven Edit

Teaser coming soon!

Part Eight Edit

Teaser coming soon!

Part Nine Edit

Teaser coming soon!

Part Ten Edit

Teaser coming soon!

Precious Cursed - TBA (Book Three-Book ...) Edit

Antonio Babliku has confirmed three books so far, but he has expressed the wish for the story to go beyond that. He thinks the series will go on with at least five books.

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